He knows no fear!

My military life….

As you all know, I am a training sargeant in the British Army so I had decided to write a little posting about my service life. One thing for sure, it is very hard being in the army when you are only 30 cms tall (my rifle is bigger than I am!!!!).

Getting ready for a patrol carrying all my fighting order equipment

This is a photograph taken of me taken at last year summer camp. It was a very hot day and I had to march over the training area carrying a rifle and webbing weighing 36lbs…. I am only 4 lbs myself! My load was nine times my own body weight!
Once I am assessed to be combat ready, I will be put on notice to move for deployment to afghanistan…. *GULP*
I have previous tours in Bosnia and Northern Ireland, but Uncle P. was taking care of me in those operational theatres…. Now Uncle P. is over 40 years old and he is retired from the Regular Army so he won’t be looking after me in Afghanistan.
Mind, I have my own little recruits to take care of too… as I am a training sargeant and my own recruits look up to me for guidence. I am qualified to teach weapon handling, signals, map reading and PT. I once applied to become a tank driver instructor at the Defence School of Transport in Leaconfield but I was rejected because I could not see over the dashboard.

On sentry duty

This is a photo of me on sentry duty. Not every one like stag on duties… but it needs to be done – the whole company relys on my ears and eyes for their own safety.

Getting onto the Bedford trucks before heading back to camp

I was glad the trucks came and pick us up at the end of the exercise…. I was so knackered with all that running about and bang bangs.

Driving the mini-bus back home with my troop in the back seat

 It is not all work work work in the forces. This is me taking my recruits to the pub after a long hard two week exercise. GOSH I needed that beer in the bar….

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