He knows no fear!

My bad hair day!

Every one get a bad hair day! They come and go… a bit like menstruation not that I get peroids because I am a man! Anyway…. bad hair days – yes I get them!

My bad hair day!

So how do you avoid bad hair days?
Try Monkey’s top tips:
1) Take a shower when you wake up otherwise you will have bed hair style! If you have got bed hair, then you are having a bad hair day! Best way to avoid bed hair is to shower and wet your hair completely then brush and/or comb your hair into style.
2) Do not sleep with wet/damp hair otherwise your hair will mold and shape to your pillow. Avoid going to bed with wet/damp hair!
3) Keep your hair short – if you have long hair then you are more likely to have bad hair days. Get your hair cut regularly and thus will keep your hair looking neat.
4) If all else fails…. wear a baseball cap!
5) Don’t like wearing a baseball cap, then shave your hair off.

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