He knows no fear!

Complaint against our website

It is our sad duty to report that a complaint has been made against the OFFICIAL Sgt. Monkey website.

We at the OFFICIAL Sgt. Monkey website take all matters of concern seriously and will deal with any complaint arising from members of the public prompty to to ensure that all viewers are satisfied.

The complaint made was concerns about Monkey’s standard of the English language and grammer.

We apologize for the poor standard of grammer that has appeared in several of Monkey’s articles and we will take measures to ensure that Monkey take evening classes at adult evening school from now on.

We want all viewers of this website to be aware that Sgt. Monkey was born in Borneo and therefore he is speaking and writing in English as a foreign language.

Compliementary tea and cookies have been posted by first class mail to the viewer whom made the complaint and we hope she will be happy with this outcome. If she is not happy with this outcome, then we can send “Da Boyz” around to her doorstep and deal with her appropriately.

Once again, we are sorry for the appalling standard of English that appeared in this website.

The webmaster team


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