He knows no fear!

The STUFF MONKEY campaign 2011

Fifteen months ago, after falling off my wall hook I broken both of my legs. You may had seen the photographs of me in hospital on my facebook account. After investigations, the Doctors at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh suggested that I broken my legs because my foam stuffing density was low and I was diagnose with brittle foam disease or BFD for short.

BFD is a congenital disease that is often cause by poor quality manufacture of cuddly toys. Made in China that sort of stuff.

Because of my low density foam stuffing – a campaign was started to collect foam to be used for an emergency foam tranfusion into my body and this campaign was successful and I had made a full recovery.

However, this morning, I went for a routine check up for foam density tests which was performed by the sexxxxyyyy nurses and they found my foam stuffing levels to be very low again.

Having my weight taken so that the nurses can assess my foam density

It now appears that I need another foam stuffing transfusion and I therefore ask all my fans and friends to search for their old cuddly toys up in the loft and start collecting foam for me. It is important that we collect foam, as some cuddly toys use cork chippings, beans or paper for their stuffing and this is not compatible with my own stuffing group as I am foam stuffing only (which is group F+, stuffing groups CC+, B+ and P+ is not compatible).

Please help us and start collecting foam so that I can have my foam transfusion.

Please send all foam donations to the STUFF MONKEY campaign at the Royal Hospital for Sick Cuddly Toys, Great Ormond Street, City of London.


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