He knows no fear!

The STUFF MONKEY appeal day two

With donations coming in now from both sides of the atlantic we have now reach the total of 21 oz. of foam stuffing for Monkey’s foam transfussion operation to be done at Great Ormonds Street Royal Hospital for Sick Cuddly Toys.

It is very important that we get the right type of foam for the procedure. We have recieved some bubble bath foam from several bikini girls whom obviously like Monkey very much but sorry girls… bubble bath foam will not fill up Monkey body!

We do not accept this sort of foam

The type of foam required is grade 1 foam stuffing a bit like this in the photograph below. Ask your cuddly toys if they are willing to donate some foam stuffing to our great cause or if that fails…. rip apart your sofa and send the foam to us. We need 50 oz. of foam for Monkey’s procedure.

Top quality grade 1 foam that we are looking for

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