He knows no fear!

The STUFF MONKEY appeal major sponsorship

We at the STUFF MONKEY appeal HQs at Great Ormonds Street have just recieved news from across the Atlantic that Hugh Hefner will be our chief sponsor of the STUFF MONKEY campaign. Hugh Hefner has pledge to donate the remaining amount of the 50 oz. of stuffing foam that we need as well as paying the £250,000 hospital fees for Monkey’s transfussion. The foam that Hugh Hefner is donating to us is usually used by his bunny girls for boob jobs however Hugh says that the bunnies are willing to go down a bra size each and instead donate the foam to our appeal.

Hugh Hefner is now the chief sponsor of our campaign

Hugh Hefner has also pledge to donate he personal jet to fly Monkey to London for his transfussion as well as offering three of his play bunnies to escort Monkey to the hospital.

We at the appeal HQs will now consult with the Medical Director at Great Ormonds Street Royal Hospital for Sick Cuddly Toys for when the transfussion will take place.

We hope to get a date for Monkey’s transfussion to you viewers as soon as possible.

The webmaster team


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