He knows no fear!

The STUFF MONKEY live press conference

We bring you live coverage of the Royal Hospital for Sick Cuddly Toys press conference on Monkey’s procedure…


The Medical Director has release more details of the slip up that occured during Monkey’s transfussion.

X-Ray showing the scalpel penetration of Monkey's right eye

Here we have the X-Ray of the scalpel that penetrated Monkey’s right eye.

ECG trace of Monkey heartbeat

Here we have the ECG trace of Monkey heartbeat. The EGC was recorded 70 minutes after the administration of intravenous thrombolytics. Note the complete resolution of the ECG injury pattern (and its reciprocal changes). Even the q-waves are now gone. All that is left is a biphasic t-wave in V2. This actually is a very specific (through subtle) sign of a high grade LAD stenosis. We asked the Doctors what does all this mean and we were told “We have no idea!”. The Doctors then went on to say “We would not normally expect to get a heart trace reading from a cuddly toy!”

The new eye that was sugically inserted into Monkey this afternoon

Here we have the new eye that was flown in from the toy factory in India.

We do hope that you all like Sgt. Monkey’s new eye….

We look forward to seeing (excus the pun) Sgt. Monkey tomorrow bright and well.

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