He knows no fear!

Another complaint against our website

Today we have received another letter of complaint against our website.

The letter is as follows:

“Dear Monkey,

Since your offical website has been up and running I do not see my boyfriend much these days. Whenever he is home from work, he is playing on his computer reading up the latest gossip on your website. I want to see more of my boyfriend, please help.”

Well, we take all complaints seriously and we the webmaster team have spoken to Monkey regarding this matter. I can assure you that your boyfriend will be spending more time with you now as he had a visit from “Da Boyz” this afternoon whom gave him a good beating oops talking to.

Because this is our second complaint we have received since this website has gone live…. Monkey has now introduce a complaints procedure policy.

In future all complaints are to directed to “Da Boyz” at daboyz@gmail.com

The OFFICAL complaints investigations team for our website

Please include your name and address in your email along with the time that you are going to be in your home so that “Da Boyz” can come along and deal with you appropriately *COUGH COUGH*

The webmaster team


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