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How to tell if a cuddly toy is healthy?

As many of you know, I was diagnose with Brittle Foam Disease (BFD) 18 months ago, and this cause me to lose my foam stuffing over a peroid of time. This is due to part that the quality of my manufactoring was poor. I was made in a toy factory in China and therefore I do not come under the strict UK and EU laws for quality controls.

It goes without saying that my foam is poorly maufactured. This is a shame as not only am I ill with BFD but the costs to the NHS to transfuse me with new foam is £100,000’s, a burden on the already over stretch budgets of our hospitals.

How do you know if your cuddly toy is well made?

Picture showing the standards markings for cuddly toys

What is the Kitemark?

When you see a cuddly toy with a Kitemark this means BSI has independently tested it and has confirmed that the product conforms to the relevant British Standard, and has issued a BSI license to the company to use the Kitemark. The manufacturer pays for this service and their product is tested, and the manufacturing process is assessed, at regular intervals.

The Kitemark is the symbol that gives consumers the assurance that the product they have bought really does conform to the appropriate British Standard and should therefore be safe and reliable.

What is CE marking?

Many new cuddly toys must meet legal requirements before they can be sold within the European Community, and must carry CE marking. CE marking attached to a product is a manufacturer’s claim that it meets all the requirements of the European legislation.

Some cuddly toys carry both a Kitemark and CE marking. This indicates that BSI has independently tested them against the appropriate standard.

Where do we expect to see these markings? Well they are usually stamped onto the cuddly toy arse? Please check the arse of your cuddly toy to see if the markings are there as well as looking at the bums of cuddly toys when you are shopping for one! The photo below shows my own arse up very closely (with my tail lifted up out of the way), as your can see there is no markings up my arse.

Clearly no UK or EU markings can be seen up my arse!

If you are going to buy a cuddly toy please ensure that it complys with UK and EU regulations and look for the Kitemark and CE markings, this could save your £100,000’s in hospital bills for your cuddly toy.

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