He knows no fear!

Monkey complaint about his own website!

Today we the webmaster team had received another complaint about the OFFICAL Sgt. Monkey website. This complaint comes from Sgt. Monkey himself and is directed at his fans whom are visiting his website with the intention of drooling over porn!

Sgt. Monkey complains that a number of people whom are linking his website are doing so because they are googling porn keywords as a means to enter his website.

For example today we had hit from a google searches under “nice Japanese stewardess”, yesterday we had a search for “Indian airlines air hostess booby photos”, also we had “stuffing your bikini” and “girls with girls bubble bath”. The table below is a summary of search terms used to link our website made within the last 7 days.

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2011-09-16 (Summarized)

2011-09-09 to Today

Search Views
stewardess 35
air stewardess 13
gif woman bubblebath 2
ecg trace 2
stewardess, 2
girls in foam 1
london bunnies 1
stuffing your bikini 1
foam case 1
girls with girls bubble bath 1
indian airlines air hostess booby photos 1
monkey sponsorship 1
sexy sophie 1
.label:3)naked bubble bath bikini girl 1
nice japanese stewardess 1
two girls in bubble bath 1
stuerdess 1
ecg traces 1
stewardess jet air 1
ecg 1
air ambulance high resolution photos 1
stewardess hot 1
foam 1

As you can see, most of the searches made via google to link this website was done using inappropiate pornographic search keywords.

Monkey wishes to remind everyone that his website is non-pornographic and is family orientated. Anyone whom visits his website with the intent of drooling over porn will be dealt with by “Da Boyz”. Monkey does not wish his website to be associated with sleeze and the likes of Gary Glitter.

Monkey would like to confirm to all his genuine fans that his website will not be the subject of “Japanese air stewardess in bubbly bath with girl on girl” nor will any “London bunnies” be caressing Monkey in foamy bath.

The webmaster team


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