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Sex scandal: Monkey’s secret love child day 1

Today in the NOTW Sunday edition it has emerged that our very own Sgt. Monkey has a secret love child!

It appears that whilst on holiday last month in Thailand, monkey was paying for the services of a Thai monkey prostitute name “Pom”. Now Pom has come forward and sold her story to the NOTW with allegations that our monkey is the father of her child “Lek”.

The prostitute Pom with her child Lek

Details are emerging of these sensational allegations. Was Sgt. Monkey partying away in the red light district of Bangkok?

The red light district of Bangkok - was this where monkey met Pom?

We are curious as to what made our monkey approach Pom, was this how Pom appeared to monkey:

Was this how Pom prostituted herself?

Is this true? Why did monkey not tell us at the OFFICIAL Sgt. Monkey website office about his holiday fling? Is our monkey a sex tourist? And who is the father of baby Lek, is it our Sgt. Monkey?

Baby Lek - Is this the secret love child of monkey?

We asked monkey for an explantion of these allegations but we are unable to get in touch with monkey. He is not answering the phone nor is he answering the door at his home to our reporters.

The public demands the right to know, we will press for an statement from monkey regarding these sensational allegations. More to follow….

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