He knows no fear!

Sex scandal: Monkey’s secret love child day 2 – part 2

Despite the ongoing sex scandal that just isn’t going away and is causing the media to go into a frenzy – Sgt. Monkey reported for duty this morning at the barracks.

Sgt. Monkey had reported for duty this morning....

With all the attention this story is generating, the press were waiting for our wee monkey outside the barracks front gate….

The press waiting for Sgt. Monkey appearance at the barracks front gate!

Upon command of the duty guard commander – a Challenger Mk.2 battletank was dispatched and blew up the press crowd much to everyones relief….

The Challenger Mk.2 battletank blew up the annoying press paparazzi!

Meanwhile back in Thailand….

Pom continues to service the sex tourists….

Pom was working tonight!

Pom was seen dancing in the seedy Bangkok brothel entertaining the clients….

Pom poledancing on the stage!

Lek was left home alone whilst Pom was working….

The poor shanty house of Pom and Lek in the suburbs of Bangkok!

Lek is unaware of the media attention concerning him – is our very own Sgt. Monkey her father?

Baby Lek was seen sleeping today.... totally unaware of the scandal and fuss around her!

Because Sgt. Monkey is the leader of the Monkey Party that had gained 5 votes at this year Scottish Elections and leader of the fastest growing political party in the UK – monkey has been called to give evidence at the Commons Select Committee tomorrow.

We will bring you the news from tomorrow hearing as we recieve them.

The webmaster team

NOTE – The monkey party had recieved 5 votes at this year Scottish Elections which represents an increase of 150% upon last year General Elections results thus the Monkey Party is the official fastest growing political party in the UK.


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