He knows no fear!

Sex scandal: Monkey’s secret love child day 3

The outrage over monkey conduct whilst on hoilday to Thailand last month continues….

As leader of the Monkey Party and a political statesman, today at 10am, monkey was called to attend a Commons Select Committee to give evidence pending his role into this scandal. The panel will judge our wee monkey behaviour under the ministerial code of conduct and if appropriate remove the political whip of the Monkey Party thus disbanding the party.

Monkey appeared before the panel this morning to give evidence....

We do not know what evidence were presented at the hearing this morning as the meeting is being conducted behind close doors.

However, we at the OFFICIAL Sgt. Monkey website offices believe that the hearing would had went something like this….


Meanwhile back in Thailand – Pom was seen working at the bars again entertaining the clients….

Is this the bar where Pom works?

Pom was photograph smoking a cigarette as she left a hotel with a client….

Pom was seen last night with a client....

This story just isn’t going to go away…. is our Sgt. Monkey the father of baby Lek?

More to follow tomorrow….

The webmaster team


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