He knows no fear!

Sex scandal: Monkey’s secret love child day 4

The scandal continues….

Is our monkey cuddly toy the father of baby Lek?

Today on the BBC news, it was reported that Sgt. Monkey could no longer cope with the stress of the scandal and threw himself off George IV bridge. We were horrified at this news so we sent a text to monkey’s mobile to see if it was true and we received a text back: “My dear sir, news of my death is grossly exaggerated!”

Sgt. Monkey reported for duty at the barracks this morning. Because of the media frenzy surrounding this scandal, extra armed guards were posted on the barracks perimeter today.

Security was tight at the barracks today!

Feminists protestors were camping outside the barracks today. Despite heavy security, none of them manage to get inside the barracks as the guards were using sniper rifles to take out the protestors one by one.

The feminists were outraged that our monkey was seeing a monkey prostitute and believe that our monkey was making a mockery out of the female rights movement. A riot began – we sent in the riot police.

Riot police prevented the protestors getting to our monkey....

Meanwhile back in Thailand….

Pom was working in the bars again.

Pom was in the bars last night....

Pom was with a client last night….

Pom was with a client last night!

In todays issue of the Bangkok Post, Pom story in her own words was published – here is an extract:

“I saw him drinking at the bar, he was alone and looked cute to approach. I went up to him and he brought me a drink. After chatting a while, he offered me 2000 Baht (£40) to go back to the hotel room. He seem a nice cuddly toy and he gave me his raincoat as we headed outside to the taxi ramp. He was such a gentlemen.”

Because of the media attention surrounding this scandal, Baby Lek is now staying with her grandmother in Northeast Thailand.

Is Baby Lek the secret love child of monkey?

Only one man has the answer to this scandal. Yes, it is Jeremy Kyle.

Monkey and Pom are appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show on Friday morning!

Monkey and Pom have agreed to discuss their problems live on the Jeremy Kyle show on Friday morning. Will the truth come out?

Find out more tomorrow….

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