He knows no fear!

Sex scandal: Monkey’s secret love child day 5

This scandal just isn’t going away….

With the live TV appearance tomorrow morning on the Jeremy Kyle show, will we find out the truth finally about baby Lek?

We sent an undercover reporter to Bangkok, whom had been using a clever disguise to spy on Pom and we can REVEAL Pom’s secret!

Our undercover private eye been spying on Pom!

It appears that Pom has a Thai boyfriend!

We saw him living in Pom’s home and we know he is a drunken unemployed layabout and a hardman! His name is “Tak”.

Is Tak the pimp for Pom?

Is he Pom’s pimp? Is he the real father of Lek? If so, why does Pom lie about our Sgt. Monkey being the father?

Our spy also saw Pom working at the bars last night.

Pom was working the bars last night!

Will Jeremy Kyle get to the bottom of this scandal tomorrow morning.

The webmaster team


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