He knows no fear!

Sex scandal: Monkey’s secret love child day 6

The Jeremy Kyle show was on ITV at 9.30am this morning and what a show it was!

Secrets, swearing and violence!

BUT the truth is now out!

Using a clever disguise our monkey appeared on the show this morning:

Monkey was in disguise as he appeared on the show!

The DNA results shows that Tak is the father of baby Lek and not our Sgt. Monkey!

The lie detector test shows that Sgt. Monkey did not have sex with Pom!

Why did Pom made up the story that our wee monkey was Lek’s father?

Jeremy Kyle suggested that Pom and Tak were using our wee monkey as a means to get British citzenship to live in the UK and to claim child benefits for baby Lek!

Violence errupted on the stage and security was called in to prevent the hardnut Tak beating up our wee monkey:

Violene errupted on the show....

Highlights of the show can be seen here:


Pom and Tak were dragged off the stage, but they gave the following statement to the press outside the studios shortly afterwards:

“I will ******** you ******* in ****** the ******* that ******** monkey ****** will *******ing ****** ***** up my ******* the ******** little ******!”

Meanwhile back in Thailand the Monkey Police Force had made arrests…. and baby Lek has been taken into care of the social services.

The Thai Monkey Police Force made arrests this morning....

The scandal is over…. it look like that our wee monkey did kept his underpants on whilst on hoilday in Thailand last month…. good for him!

The webmaster team


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