He knows no fear!

Competition: The 10000th hitter!

Competition time – this is the first of many would be competitions on the OFFICIAL Sgt. Monkey website.

The webmaster team is please to state that since our website had been online we have achieved 2700 hits. We anticipate that we will reach 5000 hits late November or early December.

We can only presume that the ever increasing traffic to our website is because more and more people are curious about the adventures, scandals and gossip of our wee cuddly toy monkey. With ever increasing fame for Sgt. Monkey, surely the BBC must employ him to replace Jonathan Ross as the Saturday night chat show host. I think most people would agree that a monkey talks more sense than Jonathan Ross.

We therefore expect that we will reach 10000 hits sometime in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2012. To celebrate the 10000th hit we are giving away a prize to the 10000th hitter. If you are that person who makes the 10000th hit, then you win. Simple!

The grand prize of this competition is a packet of monkey nuts!

There is no runner up prize for the 10001th hitter!

The 10000th hitter will win a packet of monkey nuts!

Good luck everyone.

The webmaster team


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