He knows no fear!

Rival cuddly toy bloggers!

The webmaster team regrets to say that since the end of the secret love child story, the number of subscribers viewing the OFFICAL Sgt. Monkey website has gone down on a daily basis.

At the height of the scandal, we were getting over a hundred hits a day, with a peak 148 hits on our most popular day. Unfortunately, the number of hits we are getting now is on the decline, with 4 hits so far today and only 16 hits yesterday.

So why is the OFFICIAL Sgt. Monkey website losing subscribers????

After much research the staff at our offices discovered that we have TWO cuddly toy blogger rivals! Are they taking away our fan base?

The first blogger is the Czech Plush Monkey at http://www.theguys.org/Monkey/index.htm

The Czech Plush Monkey lives in the USA but was orginally from the Czech Republic.

The Czech Plush Monkey at work!

His interests includes skiing and cooking.

The Czech Plush Monkey is a keen skier!

He is single and has no children.

The Czech Plush Monkey has his own motorbike!

Our next rival is a cuddly toy family consisiting of a duck, a lion, a dog and a monkey whom all appears to be under the same roof. They are a British group.

The link is http://stuffedtoyland.blogspot.com

The duck and the lion are keen travellers having travelled to Spain, Malaysia and Cambodia – whilst the monkey and the dog likes the TV.

The monkey and the dog are seen watching the TV together....

The duck is the one whom had travelled the most.

The duck at Angkor Wat, Cambodia in March 2011.

Whilst we are amused by these rival cuddly toy bloggers, the serious problem remains – they are taking away Sgt. Monkey subscribers. Without enough subscribers to the OFFICAL Sgt. Monkey website, then we will be financially ruined and will have to close down.

So please subscribe to our blog and not our rivals – we need your subscription fees *AHEM*!

We would also like to mention that our Sgt. Monkey is a lot more interesting read than our rivals because:

  • Our cuddly toy is serving in the British Army and has front line combat experience
  • Our cuddly toy is a keen traveller, having visited many countries around the world
  • Our cuddly toy is a keen mountaineer having scaled Mt. Everest – the highest peak in the world
  • Our cuddly toy is a keen scuba diver and many times had almost been eaten for lunch by sharks
  • Our cuddly toy is a keen cook and is willing to share his recipes with his fans
  • Our cuddly toy is the leader of the fastest growing politicial party in the UK that being the Monkey Party, and had expressed that he will be standing for election in the 2015 General Election.
  • Our cuddly toy is a very naughty boy and has been the focus of many scandals over the years

So please stay with us! Please….

The webmaster team


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