He knows no fear!

Monkey’s viewers survey

It has come to the attention of the webmaster office staff that subscriptions to our website is in serious decline.

During the peak of the sex scandal crisies we were recieving over 100 hits a day, with 148 hits on our busiest day. However, now that the story is over and it turns out that our wee monkey cuddly toy did in fact kept his underpants on afterall – our number of hits have now dropped to a mere average of 7 hits a day!

Obviously we have a serious problem, less viewers means less subsciptions and we will go bankrupt. Because of our financial losses, we regret to say that our assistant editor will go…. Sorry Miss L. you are fired!

Obviously the cause for the decline in viewers is because of less sex and sleeze.

However the Sgt. Monkey website is a family orientated website and we do not want this site to become a sleezy outfit and we don’t want to show topless naked girls to increase our hits. However we want your help to increase our subscriptions to this website. So we are conducting a viewers survey. By analayzing the responses from this survey, then we can make improvements to this website to increase our subscriptions.

Please answer the following questions:

Finally we want to know about yourself:

Thank you for taking this survey.

The webmaster team


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