He knows no fear!

My work as a security door supervisor

Well life in the army is great but because of rising bills, I have decided to work the doors on Friday nights as a bouncer to earn extra cash. I have completed my training course for a SIA licence a few months ago.

Uncle P. has employed me to work in his house that becomes a nightclub at the weekends when “da boyz” come over for a few wee drinks. He had asked me to guard the drinks cabinet.

Excited about my new job as a bouncer in a nightclub, I have attached some photographs of me working the doors from last Friday night.

Me on the doors at a busy nightclub last Friday night

Some of Uncle P. friends were rude and disorderly – then trouble did kick off inside Uncle P’s house. Trouble started when they tried to get to the drinks cabinet. Miss L. was arguing with my uncle over the Baileys but he held his ground and insisted that the Baileys is not to be open untill Xmas. With my training in Muai Thai and unarmed combat I was able to wrestle the chief trouble maker Miss L. whom was drunkenly aggressive and abusive. She called me a pathetic little cuddly toy and then tried to light a cigarette lighter against my fluffy beard. She was a tough one but I was able to get Miss L. into a headlock and I had her evicted from Uncle P’s house.

She spent the night sleeping on the lawn.

I had to guard the drinks cabinet from the likes of Miss L.

I will be guarding the drinks cabinet again next weekend.


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