He knows no fear!

My girlfriend!

Well, I want to tell you all about my new girlfriend.

I met her last month and we have been dating for a while now…. and I think *blushs* she is the ONE!

So I am happy to tell you all about my wee little darling.

Her name is Little Miss Naughty and she is an actor on CBBC. You can see her here in one of her TV programs here:


I would like to share some of our photos of us together….

Us having a cuddle on the sofa....

Here are some photos of us in the garden together….

Us in the front garden....

Oh it was a lovely November morning….

Enjoying the fresh air together....

We like doing things together…. she has a great sense of humor as in her TV shows she like to play practical jokes on people!

Have a wee cuddle on the bedtop!

Well I do hope we get on fine together…. I am meeting her parents next week. Shame my own parents got eaten by Borneo headhunters tribe!

Us watching TV together....

So thats my new girl folks….


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