He knows no fear!

General strike announcement

It is with regret that we must inform the general public that the staff at the OFFICAL Sgt. Monkey website offices will be striking on the 30th November. This is in line with the general strike that will be affecting the country on the 30th.

Access to this website will be close from midnight 29th November for a peroid of 24 hours.

Sgt. Monkey is a member of the NUMP* union which stands for the rights of working monkeys in the UK.

Monkies will be striking on the 30th November

In a NUMP factsheet about the strike: (see www.numps.org/factsheets)

Why are we striking? Well in the UK, the state pension age is 65 rising to 68. BUT the average life span of a monkey is 20 to 25 years. This is grossly unfair as virtually every working monkey in the UK will never reach retirement age!!!!! We at NUMP want to see the state pension age reduced to 18 years old. We pay our NI contributions, we deserve our pensions.

All monkeys whom work in zoos and circuses will be staying bed and won’t come out to the viewing gallery for the tourists. So if you are planning to visit Edinburgh zoo, don’t waste your money – the monkeys are staying in bed!

All monkeys serving in Afghanistan with the British forces are too also staying in bed! So NCOs please don’t put monkeys on the stag list for that day – we are not doing it!

All monkeys that work in Tescos selling peanuts to shoppers will too be staying in bed, so please don’t think you will be able to buy peanuts on the 30th as you won’t!

All monkey buskers will be off the High Streets on the 30th…. so you expect no begging from monkey performers that day and expect to see no juggling unicylcing monkeys that day also!

The head of NUMP explains to CNN why they are striking!

Sgt. Monkey states that striking is an unfortunate action to take but he feels that he has no other way to lobby the Government on fairer working rights for monkeys.

The webmaster team

* The National Union of Monkey Performers


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