He knows no fear!

Industrial action impact

The OFFICAL Sgt. Monkey website is now back online after our industrial action yesterday. The impact of our website shutting down for 24 hours had a major impact on the government today. In Prime Minister Questions, the Prime Minister David Cameron described the strike by monkey workers as a “damp squib” as he insisted reforms to their pension payouts was essential.

The full story of the PM response to our strike can be found here:


The National Union of Monkey Performers (NUMP) had hailed the nationwide strike by monkey workers over pension reforms as “historic” – and rejected claims by the Prime Minister it was a “damp squib”. Full story of NUMP strike activities can be found here:


Over 2 million monkey workers were on strike yesterday!

Access to the OFFICAL Sgt. Monkey website was shut down for 24 hours yesterday and we had a round the clock picket line organised at the webmaster offices in Edinburgh. Miss L. was the chief tea maker for the men whom were standing in the cold next to a camp fire. At 3pm, Sgt. Monkey himself came to the picket line and gave everyone a morale boosting speech! He said “FAIR PAY FOR ALL HUMANS AND MONKEYS ALIKE!”

Mr Cameron are you listening????

A round the clock picket line was manned for the entire 24 hours of the strike.

Despite picket lines at the webmaster offices – some 45 visitors manage to cross the picket lines and viewed our website yesterday.


The webmaster team


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