He knows no fear!

My post-operation checkup

It had been three months since my emergency foam transfussion operation for my Brittle Foam Disease (BFD) . Today I attended the Cuddly Toys clinic at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for my post-op checkup. There I met Dr. Paul whom performed many tests on me this afternoon to see if my foam is holding. Dr. Paul is one of the leading cuddly toy specialists in the UK.

He first asked me to produce a urine sample:

Having a wee wee....

I left the urine sample on the shelf for Dr. Paul:

My urine sample that I had wee wee out!

Dr. Paul then tested my urine sample for Calcium levels:

My wee wee sample under investigation!

Dr. Paul found my Calcium levels to be 36.0 mm/l which is a healthy figure for a cuddly toy foam stuffing:

The Dipstix test strip shown my calcium levels to be 36.0 mm/l....

Next Dr. Paul wanted a biopsy of my foam so that he could perform further tests:

Dr. Paul uses a needle to remove foam from my body....

Dr. Paul removed 5ml of foam from me:

Dr. Paul withdrawn 5ml of foam from me....

Dr. Paul examines my foam sample under the microscope:

Images A and B are images of my own foam. Images C and D are images of a good quality high density foam. As you can see my own foam is not very dense!

He then performed the milk test on my foam sample:

The milk test is pouring milk over the foam sample and wait for 2 minutes for a reaction....

Dr. Paul then leaves my sample for 2 minutes:

After pouring milk over my foam sample - we wait....

After 2 minutes my foam samples changes colour to brown!

The foam reacts with the milk and changes colour thus indicating a high level of Calcium in my foam!

Dr. Paul analyze the test results and concludes that my new foam implant is of significant quality and density to support me for at least two more years. He want me to repeats these tests again in 2013.

Dr. Paul also states that because I was “Made in China”, my orginal foam stuffing was of poor quality that had caused my BFD illness. He says that anyone whom buys a cuddly toy should ensure that the toy has a EU kitemark label on it to ensure that the cuddly toy is fit and healthy and that the foam stuffing will not become too thin and stitches fall apart.

I will be back in his clinic in two years time.


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