He knows no fear!

Monkey’s Christmas speech 2011

The webmaster team are please to announce the OFFICAL MONKEY CHRISTMAS SPEECH:

Monkey wish everyone a very merry Christmas 2011.

“Hello and merry Christmas everyone.

2011 was the year of turmoil, with flooding in Asia, job uncertainly, eurozone collapse and the failing financial markets. But, we need to move forward and be positive for the new year. That is why I am going to get stupidly drunk this Sunday and make a fool of myself putting the past behind me. But next week, the new year starts and we will make 2012 a great year. The Eurozone will pay off it debts, everyone will have jobs, we will have a smashing summer and I am going to party the year away. Auntie L. has already got summer hoilday plans for me and Uncle P. is moving into his new job. We have a lovely new house with a lovely hedgehog and we will be growing vegetables in the back garden whilst the homebrew is brewing in the shed. Thank you for listening and merry Christmas everyone – Sgt. Monkey.”




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