He knows no fear!

New Year’s Eve bustup….

Me and my girlfriend Naughty were out celebrating New Year’s Eve.

We got very drunk drinking Uncle P. famous Bogging cocktail, a mix of Baileys and Malibu.

Me and Naughty having a cuddle....

During the celebrations…. a close friend of mine told me that Naughty was upstairs in the bedroom with a mystery man! So I went upstairs….

I had caught Naughty with my best mate Gorilla....

So angry was I that I had a huge bustup with Naughty.

In a moment of rage.... I punched Naughty!!!!

The next morning, I was very hungover and was sick in the back garden.

I was sick in the garden....

I was very upset over our breakup and was crying the rest of the day.

Crying in the back garden....


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