He knows no fear!

Office staff walkout

Today, at the website offices, we regret to say that four members of staff have resigned from our workforce.

This is in light of the monkey bustup with his girlfriend. As you will recall, our wee monkey was photographed punching his girlfriend which we all agree is very ungentleman thing to do. The four members of staff that we had lost today had resign over this issue. They are our graphic designer, our domestic cleaner, our night security guard and our monkey makeup artist. At 9.00am this morning, our editor recieved their resignation letters from each of them before they had walked out on us.

An extract from from the letters is here:

“I will not work for a monkey that is a woman beater. GOODBYE!!!!”

We regret to say that with less staff in our offices, the quality of this website will no doubt be affected.

The webmaster team


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