He knows no fear!

“Combat: Monkey on the Front Line” book – part 1

Our wee monkey has been working his memoirs titled “Combat: Monkey on the Front Line” and is due for release this summer. Today, we can bring you an exclusive preview of his memoirs.

Read about the explosive action of our wee monkey in combat. What was monkey role in the Gulf War? Learn how monkey was assigned to the SAS deep behind Iraqi lines and for the first time we reveal monkey involvement in the infamous Bravo Two Zero mission. Monkey also tells us about his secret role in securing peace in Northern Ireland and how monkey was the stunts advisor to the 007 movies.

This is the book the MoD doesn’t want you to read!

“This book is is bloody amazing – full of bullets and bangs” – Andy McNab (former SAS soldier)

“There is more blood and gore in this book than my own books! – Peter Benchley (author of Jaws)

“Bloody amazing, bloody amazing!” – John Rambo (actor whom starred in the Stallone: First Blood movie)

“Telling it the way it was!” – General Sir David Richard GCB CBE DSO (British Forces Chief of Staff)

Here is an extract from monkey memoirs:

“We were patrolling in the arrowhead formation, I was the lead scout. Suddenly, I saw him hiding behind the tree. I saw him but he saw me. He winked at me but I knew his wink was a distraction, for my own intinct was that he was a TERRORIST so I popped him. I squeezed the trigger on my M16 rifle releasing a 5.56mm round. My heart was pumping with the adrenaline. The round travelled at 873m/s and struck against his forehead at with the force of a Killer Whale bite causing his head to explode and his brain splattering over a 5 metre radius. I returned back to base, knowing that the good citzens of London were once again safe from the terrorists.”

The book is out this summer price £19.99.

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