He knows no fear!

“Combat: Monkey on the Front Line” book – part 2

Our wee monkey has been working hard in his new book: “Combat: Monkey on the Front Line”. The book will sure be a best seller as it tell us about our wee monkey life in the British Army. We get to read all about the awesome action that monkey has been exposed to from the Gulf to Northern Ireland.

Working hard on my memoirs....

We have another exclusive extract from his memoirs here:

“The C-130 was flying low over enemy terrority. My heart was pumping fast with the adrenaline. Suddenly, the loadmaster signal us as the bay doors open. We adopted the jump position. The green light flash and we jump into the darkness. I was now free falling but suddenly I became aware that I had no parachute on! I remain calm, as my special forces training has taught me how to get out of all situations. With my training kicking in, I started to flap my arms like a bird and I began to slow down my terminal velocity. When I struck the ground, I bent my knees and rolled forward. Brushing off the desert dust off my fatigues, I switched the safety catch of my M16 rifle to “fire” for I knew I was now behind enemy lines.”

To be continue….

The book will be available this summer.

The book is out this summer price £19.99.

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