He knows no fear!

My trip to Mount Everest, Nepal in 2010 – part 2

At the start of the trek I met our trek guide and porters and set off straightaway for our first night’s stop at Phakding (2610 m).

Situated on the Dudh Kosi river banks of the Khumbu Region, this small hamlet is on the main trade route through the area and there are a number of clean, well built lodges where we can spend the night.

The scenery was stunning.

The trek to our first sleepover was to be four hours.

I saw many Sherpas working in the fields just as they have done for many centuries as if time has stood still in this region.

I was glad that the weather was sunny and dry.

I enjoyed the scenery.

Despite being only 30cms tall myself, I insisted on carrying my fair share of the load much to the amusement of the porters!

One of my porters carrying my food rations up the slopes.

Our porters were vital to our trek to base camp as we had over 40 tonnes of supplies to take up to base camp. I eat a lot of peanuts but these days I sometimes snack on Pringles as well.

This porter load was 80kgs!!!!! Thats 320 times my own body weight!

I saw many temples and religious relics on the way up. This place felt so spirital.

Buddhists spin prayer wheels clockwise as they walk past them.

I felf so at peace with myself in this region.

I felt so spirital here.

Toilet arrangements on this trek was somewhat not what I had in mind!

I hope toilet paper was provided!

I was glad we had donkeys to carry our equipment up the slopes for this expedition.

Our gear was being carried up the slopes with us.

After four hours we were close to the village of Phakding. Today was to be the only half day trek, from each day onwards we would be trekking between eight and ten hours along the base camp route.

I had made it to the village of Phakding.

The toilet arrangements were not up to my high standards….

This toilet was bogging.

Anyway, despite the appalling toileting arrangements of the hotel I was knackered after my first day of the trek. I went to bed early so that I could be up early the day.

I was so tired that I slept like a baby monkey.

I set my alarm clock to wake me at five in the morning….

My alarm clock woke me up at 5am.... then I threw a brick at it!

After a good night sleep, I was ready for my second day of the trek to base camp.

Our target today was to reach Namche Bazaar (3,400m/11,155ft). This is a prosperous trading town and the capital of the Khumbu Region.

To be continued….


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