He knows no fear!

My trip to Mount Everest, Nepal in 2010 – part 3

Today we were to climb steeply up ‘Namche Hill’ to reach Namche Bazaar (3,400m/11,155ft) the capital of the Khumbu Region.

Our luggage train continued up the slopes with us.

I caught my first view of the Himalayans snow top peaks.

My first sighting....

The path took us along the Dudh Kosi river, and we had to cross it many times.

We cross the Dudh Kosi on a high suspension bridge.

As we went higher, the wind picked up.

It was very windy!

Eventually after climbing Namche Hill, we arrived in Namche Bazaar. I was knackered, but I was glad one of my porters picked me up when he saw me stuggling and put me inside his pocket.

This little town was beautiful and had many little cafes and bars.

I had a look around this stunning town and I saw many temples and relics.

The temples were stunning.

After a hard day trek up, I was tired so I went to bed early. The next day was a rest day to take in acclimatization.

I was knackered so I went to bed early.

I woke up the next day, I was happy that today was to be a rest day to take in altitude acclimatization. I decided to go to the market and look at all the stalls.

I spent my rest day shopping in the local market stalls.

For lunch I went to wee little Nepali cafe where I had the traditional Momos dish.

I had a really good lunch in one of Namche Bazaar's cafes.

I was going to spend the afternoon of my rest day looking around the town. The Himalayan peaks shadows this wee town and the sights were stunning.

The mountains were huge!

I was glad the skies were clear, so that I could get great photographs.

The mountain peaks around the town were amazing.

The locals were so pleasent and helpful. I guess they had never seen a cuddly toy visiting these parts before.

I was glad we had good weather for the views.

I was told by the locals that the first sighting of Mt. Everest is from the view point at the top of the town. It is a forty minute walk so I decided to get my first sighting of Mt. Everest today.

The walk up to the view point was steep and hard going.

I had a stunning view of the town as I walked up to the view point.

I made it to the view point.

I was at the view point and the town of Namche Bazaar look so small down the slope.

The Himalayans peaks dwarf over the town.

I looked around to see if I could identify Mt. Everest in far distance.

I saw Mt. Everest in the distance.

Excited, I grab out my binos to get a close look at the famous peak. It looked very windy and choppy on the summit and I knew that the rest of my trek was going to get difficult.

Mt. Everest is the peak on the left of this picture behind the ridge line.

For the first time in this expedition I had fear! Fear, because I saw the high winds on Mt. Everest and I worried that being only 225 grammes in weight I was going to get blown off the slopes of the mountain. But you know me, I am a tough little cookie.

I headed back to the town as I knew it was going to be another five days before I get to Mt. Everest base camp and I had a long trek before me.

I knew that I had a long way to go to get to my goal.

To be continued….


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