He knows no fear!

My trip to Mount Everest, Nepal in 2010 – part 4

Today we had a full day of trekking before us and our target today was to the monastery at Thyangboche (3840 m).

For at this monastery we were going to get our blessing for the journery ahead of us.

Our luggage was being carried by our Yak.

The skies were clear and sunny but I felt the temperature getting colder.

The path to the mountains was before us.

My backpack was heavy but I brought my luggage Yak with me to assist me.

Me and my luggage Yak got on well together.

The views of the Himalayans was great.

The mountains were great on this lovely clear day that we had.

The winds were picking up now.

I was knackered but I was enjoying the adventure.

I was tired and cold but was loving the adventure. I bet the monkeys back in Borneo were jealous of me.

It was very windy that day.

I needed to eat a lot more each day whilst on this expedition. I was also drinking more water on this trip to take in the high altitude.

I was glad that lunch was provided in the many cafes along the way. I am sure Edmond Hillary did not have cafes back in 1953.

Eventually we reached the monastery.

Tengboche Monastery was a real working monastery.

The monastery was a working monastery with practicing monks whom were living on the site.

The mountains were stunning.

The monks let me inside but they weren’t happy about me leaving my monkey fluffy fur on the prayer mats.

The monks allowed us inside and gave us our blessings.

I was blessed with good fortunes ready for the journey ahead of me.

Wearing my blessings scarf I was ready for the journery ahead of me.

I was at the peak of my fitness and I was ready to take on Mt. Everest.

To be continued….


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