He knows no fear!

My trip to Mount Everest, Nepal in 2010 – part 5

After my blessing by the monks, I now knew Buddha was watching over me.

Today we trek for about seven hours to Phortse Gaon (3810 m). This village is home to a number of Sherpas who have reached Everest’s summit.

My luggage Yak was ready for the day ahead of us.

I had to drink more water now as it prevented us from going down with Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS). Toilets were dotted about along the path but somewhat basic. I don’t think that the original mountaineers such as Edmond Hillary had such facilities provided for them when they did this journey over fifty years ago.

I was not happy at the standards of the public toilets here. I must write a letter of complaint to the Nepal Tourism Authority.

We were still following the Dudh Kosi river.

Looking back at the monastery, it looked so small against the mountains.

It was to be a long trek before we get to our village for the night.

The village of Phortse Gaon was before us.

We were leaving the tree lines and vegetation was getting less. The scenery became barren landscape but pretty.

We were almost at Phortse Gaon now.

After a steep climb we made it to Phortse Gaon.

I made it to Phortse Gaon but it was colder here.

I was glad Auntie L. knitted me a wooly scarf and hat just before I left for Nepal. It was freezing here.

The monastery in Phortse Gaon was beautiful.

I had a good look around this village before dinner.

I was cold and tired, and ready for bed.

I was ready for the next day trek but I knew from now on it was going to be very cold.

To be continued….


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