He knows no fear!

My trip to Mount Everest, Nepal in 2010 – part 6

Today we were to climb above the tree-line and trek approximately six hours covering the distance of eight kms to Dingboche (4,410m/14,465ft). Our overall altitude gain today is 600m.

The path to base camp was taking us higher.

Dingboche is a good location for acclimatisation, prior to our ascent up the upper section of the Khumbu Valley.

The landscape was very bare.

Contouring up the valley side, we will re-cross the river and turn up the Imja Valley to reach the picturesque farming village of Dingboche.

We soon reached Dingboche but it was very cold!

This village was at an altitude of 4,400 metres above sea level and yet the villagers were using the barren landscape for farming.

It was very cold here.

It was late afternoon when we got here and the clouds were getting very low.

The clouds were very gray looking.

Lucky for us, we had telephoned ahead and arranged rooms for us to keep us warm and dry for the night.

My wooly scarf and hat kept me warm.

We had planned for two nights in the village.

This village was very pretty and I respected the Sherpas living this high!

I went to bed early to get my energy up for the next day.

The next day was very sunny!

How sunny it was today, so different from yesterday!

Today is another acclimatisation day. We take a day hikes to Amadablam Base Camp and back to Dingboche.

The stream was frozen!

The hike will also serve as good acclimatisation training.

There was no campers or expeditions here at this time of the year.

Eventually we got to Amadablam Base Camp, the views were stunning.

I headed back to the village for a good night rest.

To be continued….


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