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My night in the desert with a Berber tribe

I am going to to talk about my trip in November 2010 to Morocco where I spent a night in a Berber desert camp.

The desert we were going to trek via camels was the Erg Chebbi. An erg is a flat area of desert covered with wind-swept sand dunes with little or no vegetative cover. Morocco has two such ergs. Erg Chebbi has large 150 metre high sand dunes formed by the winds. They are largest dunes in Morocco and spread over a area of 22 kms by 5 kms.

We arrived at the meeting point to meet our guides before we headed off into the desert.

Preparing the camels for the desert trek.

Without a good guide, one could easily get lost but I was glad that I was invited by the Berbers to camp with them for the night.

The desert was bare and dry.

The desert around us was dry with little vegetation.

I was introduced to my camel whom I immediately grew a bond to.

My camel that I was going to ride.

I was asked by my guide to name my camel, so I decided to call her “Pom” after my Thai monkey hoilday romance earlier in the year (see my earlier postings).

I grew very fond of her.

The desert was beautiful.

The sand was golden in colour.

Eventually the camp came into view.

The camp laid at the bottom of a large 100 metre sand dune.

We arrived at the Berber camp just in time for sunset.

The sun sets over the huge sand dunes.

That night we sat around a camp fire and sang cub scout songs.

The Berber guides then told us stories of how they BBQ monkeys over the fire. I got scared so I went to my sleeping bag.

For more information about Erg Chebbi please visit:



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