He knows no fear!

My visit to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

A few days ago I posted my Morocco trip blog with the Berbers desert tribe. Whilst on my flight back to the UK following that desert trek, I had to change planes at Paris CDG airport. I had eight hours stopover so I decided to take the train into the centre of Paris.

It was a misserable wet day in Paris, so different from sunny Marrakesh where I took the flight to Paris from.

The airport fast train stop in the subway station just on the banks of the River Seine. I was at the west end of Notre Dame Cathedral.

The Western facade of Notre Dame Cathedral.

Notre Dame Cathedral is widely considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture in France and is a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site. It was completed in 1345.

In 1991 a major ten year restoration program began, so the cathedral is in top form for any potential travel photographers. It was a shame that I wasn’t able to take photos under a clear sky.

I wish that I had my brolly with me!

Whilst I was looking around the cathedral I kept my eye out for a sighting of the famous hunchback bell-ringer Quasimodo but I never saw him!

The cathedral is on the banks of the River Seine.

After a mulled wine on the banks of the Seine I took the train back to CDG airport and back to the UK.

After my Moroccan desert trek and my wet day out in Paris, I was very dirty so my foster Auntie put me into the washing machine for a spin.

For more information about Notre Dame Cathedral please visit:



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