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My trip to Cyprus in 2010 – part 1

This posting is about my visit to Cyprus in summer 2010. As many of you know, I was posted to Cyprus for several years with the army. I had left the island in 2002. So for me, this trip was about revisiting my old haunts including my old appartment that I used to live in.

At the time, I was the only serving cuddly toy serving in Cyprus. But I am sure that more cuddly toys are now serving in the Armed Forces.

Cyprus itself is a island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. It became independant from the UK in 1960, but the British still retain two military bases on the island as well as deployed as part of the UN contingent on the disputed green line zone separating Turkish North and Greek Southern Cyprus.

A map showing the Island of Cyprus.

My plane landed at Laranca airport, and this was where I had a self-catering apartment rented for the two weeks I going to be here for.

Larnaca itself is an industrial town and not one on the tourist destinations list however the old city and the old fishing port is nice unlike the popular tourist resorts of Ayia Napa and Paphos which is spolit with umpteen hotels and English football bars.

Me in the old fishing harbour in Larnaca.

I had to visit my old apartment that I used to live in when I was serving in Cyprus. I remember parking my motorbike on the road each day under my balcony. Because I am a 30cm tall cuddly toy, my motorbike had to have stabilizers on!

My old apartment outside Larnaca on the beach road.

Larnaca has a number of interesting features including the Aqueduct known as “The Kamares”, that stands outside the town that carrys water into the town.

The old aqueduct outside Larnaca.

The Church of Lazarus is a Orthodox Church which was built in the town over the tomb of St. Lazarus.

The Church of Lazarus is a Orthodox Church in Larnaca.

The seafront promenade is a neat row of palm trees and seaview cafes. The boat marina is just here.

Some beautiful boats here.

One of these days, I want to become the first cuddly toy to sail solo around the world.

I hope one day that I will have £250,000 to buy a boat like this myself.

My first full day of the trip on the island, I was going to go Quad biking over the dirty tracks on the Dhekelia hills.

Listening to the safety brief from my tour guide.

I put on my dust goggles.

I was ready to go biking.

The ride up the hills was two hours.

The view of Larnaca Strip from Dhekelia Hills.

After my ride, I was covered in white dust so my foster Auntie put me inside the washing machine and hung me up to dry.

The next day I was going to Nicosia. The capital of Cyprus and also a divided capital with the Turkish North and the Greek South.

For more information about Larnaca please visit:


To be continued….


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