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My trip to Cyprus in 2010 – part 2

Today I was going to the capital city of Nicosia, the last divided capital city in the world. Also known locally as Lefkosia.

Since 1974, the city has been divided by the Greek South and the Turkish North. A UN contingent keeps the two sides apart in the what is now called the UN buffer zone or the Green Line as it is known locally as the orginal 1974 ceasefire line was drawn on the map by a British Officer with a green pen. The northern part of the city functions as the capital of the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a disputed breakaway region whose independence is recognized only by Turkey, and which the rest of the international community considers as occupied territory of the Republic of Cyprus.

Nicosia has many Orthodox Churches.

The Orthodox Church is commonly referred to as the Eastern Orthodox Church and is the second largest Christian denomination in the world.

I was enjoying the sights of Nicosia.

The Orthodox Church is the main religion in the Southern Republic of Cyprus.

Orthodox Christianity is the main religion in the Southern Republic of Cyprus.

The Orthodox Church is mainly in the countries of Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine.

The Southern Republic of Cyprus displays the Greek flag on it buildings.

The city of Nicosia can be split into the walled old town and the new modern commercial city.

The streets are narrow in this part of Nicosia.

The old town had a nice feel about itself.

The streets were very quiet in the Old Town.

The Old Town was so different from the commercial modern city that had all the typical fast food outlets and street traffic.

The Old Town had character.

Since the 1974 invasion many of the streets and buildings in the Old Town had been untouched due to the ceasefire line agreement.

Some of the buildings remained untouch since 1974.

Many of the old streets of Nicosia still have the bric-a-brac market stalls.

An assortment of clutter for purchase.

The stalls and narrow streets made the old part of Nicosia a pleasure to walk around.

I was curious at this Coca-Cola sign!

Having patrol the Green Line as part of the UN, I was currious to see the ceasefire line from when I was last here eight years earlier.

The UN patrols the Buffer Zone.

There was a lot of UN soldiers here with big guns!

Chrikes!!! They shoot cuddly toys here!!!

Using my ninja stealth skills that I had learnt from my time in the British Special Forces, I was able to sneak over the Buffer Zone and into the Northern Turkish Nicosia.

The Nothern part of Nicosia was islamic with many mosques.

Many of the mosques here were former churches and since the 1974 invasion, they had been converted into mosques.

Me posing next to a mosque.

The skyline of Northern Nicosia has many islamic minarets that had been constructed since the 1974 invasion.

This former church had been converted into a mosque.

The Turkish part of Nicosia was so different from the Southern part in many ways.

The Turkish part of Nicosia was not so touristy.

I was glad that I had self catering apartment so I finish the day shopping in the market for fruit and veg.

Plenty of fresh fruit and vegs was on sale.

Tonight I was going to do the cooking.

For more information about Nicosia please visit:


To be continued….


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