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My trip to Cyprus in 2010 – part 3

I was well into exploring Cyprus by now and so I decided to rent a car for four days so I could get around to see the sight and sounds of the island.

My first day of the car rental peroid, I went to Kolossi Castle. This castle was a stronghold from the Crusades peroid.

The Kolossi Castle is a few kilometers outside the city of Limassol.

The castle held great strategic importance.

The castle was built in 1454 by the Hospitallers.

The castle was impressive.

Next to the castle was a small chapel that was locked then a local priest invited me inside this charming chapel.

This little chapel was just next to the castle.

Afterwards I then went to Kolossi village to see the village square and church.

The church in Kolossi village.

After visiting Kolossi, I then went to the ruin city of Kourion which is located on south shore of Cyprus near Limassol. The city is believed to have been destroyed in the 4th century by a number of earthquakes.

The most spectacular site at Kourion is the Greco-Roman theatre that has been completely restored.

The theatre has been restored for open air musical and theatrical performances.

The restored theatre has modern speakers and sound equipment installed which makes photography difficult to get a sense of history.

No performance was on when I had visited.

The International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama has this theatre as one of it venues.

Me in the theatre, I was singing and scared all the other tourists away.

My foster auntie whom I was travelling with made me do a singing performance which she had video recorded *blushs*.

It was a hot day.

The ruin city has a number of attractions such as the public baths, the mosiacs, the House of Gladiators and more.

The public baths at Kourion.

These chambers produced the steam for the public baths.

It was windy and my hair blew in my face at lot!

There is a lot of walking when visiting these ruins.

Me admiring the ruins of Kourion.

The whole city has beautiful floor mosaics.

These mosaics are thousands of years old!

Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored stone.

The House of Gladiators Mosiac.

The House of Gladiators has my favourite mosiacs in Cyprus but that because I like fighting warriors images. Most people say the mosiacs in Paphos are better than Kourion.

They were very impressive.

The next attraction on my list was Paphos and the Tombs of the Kings.

For more information about Kolossi and Kourion please visit:



To be continued….


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