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My trip to Cyprus in 2010 – part 4

Today I was going to drive to Paphos on the West coast of Cyprus. The town of Paphos is a World Heritage Site listed with UNESCO.

In Greco-Roman times Paphos was the island’s capital. The remains of the governor’s palace with it mosaics is the main tourist attraction here.

However, today I was going the see the castle, the harbour and the Tombs of the Kings.

The castle was on the harbour edge.

When I got here, it just started to rain! Rain in Cyprus in the middle of the summer!?!

The castle was just next to the harbour.

Apparently the British used this castle to imprision people!

The harbour was used by the local fishermen.

Despite the rain, I went to a wee walk around the harbour.

The harbour was very nice for a wee walk.

It was very quiet on the quayside.

So that is where I locked my bike to eight years ago!

After a coffee on the quayside, I went to the Tombs of the Kings.

These underground tombs gave me the creeps.

The tombs have been known and casually explored for centuries but it was in the 1970s to 1980s that they were excavated.

It was late afternoon when I arrived and very few tourists at this time.

The tombs date back to the 4th century BC.

The site is quite large with about 100 tombs in all in 8 or so complexes.

It is thought the tombs are the burial sites of Paphitic aristocrats.

This was someones grave!?!

The tombs were carved into the rocks.

The tombs was carved into the rocks by hand.

However some of the tombs were feature Greek style Doric columns.

This tomb must had been for someone very important or rich!

It was nice looking at these tombs but one must remember these tombs are actual burial places.

I went underground in one of the tombs.

I had decided that I am going to write a letter to Edinburgh City Council asking for the construction to begin of my very own tomb to be built on the grounds of Edinburgh Castle. Afterall, I am a very important cuddly toy.

My own tomb will be constructed like this in the centre of Edinburgh for all to see.

The next day I was going to be trekking in Troodos Mountains.

For more information about Paphos, Paphos Castle and the Tombs of the Kings please visit:





To be continued….


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