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My trip to Cyprus in 2010 – part 5

Today I was going to Troodos Mountains for hiking.

These mountains are the biggest mountain range in Cyprus with it highest peak at 1,952 metres being Mount Olympus.

The walk was the 7km circular Artemis Trail around Mount Olympus. The starting point is 300 m from the junction between the road to Olympus mountain peak and Troodos village.

The green path was the the route I was taking around the summit of Mount Olympus.

The walk starts in a Black Pine forrest.

The walk began with woods that gave shade from the sun.

A military radar installation is at the summit of Mount Olympus and therefore the general public are not able to go to the actual summit.

The radar domes are known as the golf balls.

These installations are very important to the British.

The golf balls can be seen from far away.

Nine Byzantine churches and one monastery in the mountains form as a World Heritage Site as listed by UNESCO but they were further down the mountains for me to see that day.

This trek was hard going in the scorching heat of a summer Cyprus.

Coming out of the Black Pine Forest, the path become very exposed to the sun.

The view was amazing, I was able to see as far as Limassol bay.

A ski resort on Mount Olympus offer several slopes during the winter season.

The ski resort is very small with just seven runs.

The ski resort has one chair lift and three T-bar lifts, and seven ski runs.

I have never been sking. I want to give it a try one day.

On a clear day, it is possible to see most of Cyprus from the top of the Troodos Mountains.

I could see the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

After a hard day trek, I went back to my appartment for a bath before hitting Ayia Napa and the nightclubs.

I was very excited that it was Christmas 2 eve and tomorrow was to be Christmas 2 day.

Santa was enjoying his summer holidays.

Christmas 2 is celebrated on June the 25th and is the a celebration of Christmas when it is hot and sunny unlike the December Christmas Day which is cold and miserable. I was glad that Christmas 2 is celebrated in Cyprus on June the 25th!

After Christmas 2 Day, I flew back to the UK as my Colonel wanted me back for our summer training exercise.

For more information about the Troodos Mountains please visit:




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