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My trip to Egypt in 2010 – part 1

For a week break from the cold UK winter, I was being taken to the Sinai in Egypt. I was going to learn scuba diving in the thus becoming a very wet cuddly toy. I was also planning on trekking in the Sinai Desert.

On the flight to Sharm el-Sheikh.

I was heading for Dahab in the southwest of the Sinai Peninsula. It was once a Bedouin fishing village but now a diving destination for backpackers and alike.

Dahab is less developed then Sharm el-Sheikh which is now mostly spoilt.

It is near to Sharm el-Sheikh but not as developed in terms of hotels and package tourist resorts.

For my first day, I was going cycling in the desert.

Me in the the Sinai Desert.

The bike was hired for a few pounds and was a great way to see the surroundng area before we went to the mountains and scuba diving later on in the week.

The bike was way too big for me, but I has stabilizer wheels on so I managed.

It was hard going cycling over the rough terrain.

I cycled along the coastline.

I met the desert people along the way, they had never seen a cycling cuddly toy before!

The desert people travel by camels.

After the morning cycle ride, I went back to Dahab for a quick shower. Then I went for a Quad bike ride.

I hurt my poorly head.

I had slammed on the brakes too hard and went flying into the dashboard. I bumped my forehead and needed stitches. Should had a helmet on! Glad that I had medical insurance.

Dahab is a great place for windsurfing.

Dahab is very exposed to the winds and is therefore a popular destination for windsurfers. I saw many windsurfers in the sea. I did not fancy windsurfing, as I only weigh 250 grammes and I would had been blown across the Red Sea all the way to Saudi Arabia.

After my adventures in the desert today, I headed to a Bedouin tent for a mint tea.

I was enjoying the desert experience, so different from my native jungles of Borneo.

Tomorrow I was going scuba diving.

To be continued….

For more information about Dahab please visit:



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