He knows no fear!

The Monkey Party 2012 Pre-Budget statement

This Wednesday, the coalition government will be presenting to the public the 2012 Budget review of our country finances.

Our team of financial experts from the Monkey Party will be analyzing the Budget review as it is read out. We expect as per usual, that the Budget will be a load of crap and horse poo. At 1500 hours on Wednesday the 21st, we the Monkey Party will be presenting our very own Budget review that will highlight our plan to help to revitalise the devestating country finances. We at the Monkey Party have the answers to the Europe debt problems, we have the plans to help businesses grow and we at the Monkey Party have the ability to cut taxes for ALL.

Our Budget review will be online at 1500 hours on Wednesday.

Our wee monkey is busy studying the country finances on his laptop.

N.B. The Monkey Party is the fastest growing policical party in UK. We were formed in 2010. In the 2010 General Elections, we got 2 votes (not bad for our first elections). Then in 2011, we achieved 5 votes in the Scottish Elections – that is a 150% increase in our share of votes.

The Monkey Party believes that a cuddly toy monkey will be a better Prime Minister than any of the usual LIBLABCON nonsense PMs.

Vote Monkey and put a stuffed one into power.

The Monkey Party secretary


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