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Scotland long distance walks: Fife Coastal Path – part 5

I was on the final leg of the Fife Coastal Path and only 8 miles from my destination of St. Andrews.

I decided on waking up early for the sunrise.

I woke up early for the sunrise.

It was a cold morning.

It was early morning and cold.

The path goes inland following a river through the woods before returning back to the coast.

The path returns to the coast.

On the way a sandstone rock stack is seen, it was possible to climb up part way up through a cleft in the middle of the formation.

Buddo Rock is a sandstone sea stack.

Following the coast, St. Andrews comes into view.

My first sighting of St. Andrews.

This section of path passes interesting cliffs and rock stacks before reaching the large formation known as the Rock and Spindle.

The spinning wheel shape of the lower rock can be seen.

I decided to get the stove out here for a cuppa.

Me posing next to the Rock and Spindle.

After ninety plus kilometres I was very close to my destination.

I was close to my destination.

The path follows a cliff edge.

On the approaching path to St. Andrews.

The paths follows the edge of several golf courses.

St Andrews and the sand dunes in the distance.

St. Andrews is a former royal burgh on the east coast of Fife, named after Saint Andrew the Apostle.

St. Andrews is famous for it golf and is known as the “home of golf”.

The town is also famous for the unversity and the former royal student Prince William.

The fishing boats in St. Andrews harbour.

The castle sits on a rocky promontory overlooking a small beach called Castle Sands.

The ruin castle of St. Andrews.

The cathedral was the seat of the Bishops of St Andrews from its foundation in 1158 until it fell into disuse after the Reformation.

The ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral.

I had completed my long distance walk in four days and now I was ready for next long distance walk the West Highland Way. I will be doing this walk later in the year so do look out for the rambling cuddly toy monkey if you are in the area.

I would like to thank all the people who supported me in my long distance walk.

– The End –

For more information on this leg of the Fife Coastal Path please visit:




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