He knows no fear!

Me packing for my trip to Iceland

This weekend I am off to Iceland.


A map of Iceland.

After a hard few months working at the barracks beasting my new recruits, I need the break.

This is a picture of me packing for my trip. I am taking a lot of cold weather clothes as it is brrrr in Iceland.

Me packing for my trip to Iceland.

I will be scuba diving in Silfra crack in Thingvellir National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This dive site is famous for it 40 metres plus visability and even 100 metres plus visability on good days. The site is the joining of the two continental plates, the American and Eurasian continents. It is famous for it rock formations and visability and one of the best dive sites in the world and I am going to be the first cuddly toy scuba diving it.

This is the dive site that I am going to next week.

I will also be relaxing in the hot springs to relax my aching cotton fur feet after my long distance walk a few weeks ago.

Whilst I am away, please remember that we have two competitions running at the moment.

The “Where’s monkey” competition is here: https://britisharmysgtmonkey.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/competition-wheres-monkey/

The “10,000th hitter” competition is here: https://britisharmysgtmonkey.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/competition-the-10000th-hitter/

Amazing prizes can be won in each of these these competitions so get entering.

When I am back on the 22nd April, I will be very busy with my Local Elections campaign in Edinburgh where I am contesting for a seat on Edinburgh Council. Please read through my policys also on this website and if you agree with my “piggyback to work” scheme as an alternative to the Edinburgh trams farce then please vote for me.

As I said, that week – I will be busy campaigning on the streets of Edinburgh, so I won’t be able to put my Iceland photos up until after the elections on May 3rd.

If you live in Edinburgh and are willing to volunteer your time to help us with the elections campaign, please email the webmaster on our usual email address. We can hand you some Monkey Party leaflets for you to distribute.


3 responses

  1. Have fun! Iceland looks beautiful.

    April 13, 2012 at 10:40 pm

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