He knows no fear!

The MONKEY PARTY campaign for the Local Elections – part 3

Our wee monkey was out on the streets of Edinburgh today campaigning for his bid for a seat on the City of Edinburgh Council.

Many people today expressed their support for our wee monkey and yesterday a blogger on this very website stated that he would wear a monkey outfit to help bring back common sense to British politics.

After visiting local residents this morning, our wee monkey spent the afternoon in his office organizing his campaign.

He wrote a letter to the Scottish Conservative Party local candidate today challenging him to a live TV debate.

Our wee monkey spent the afternoon in his office writing letters and emails.

We look forward to hearing from the Torys to see if they will accept our challenge.

The letter was sent to the Scottish Conservative Party challenging them to a live TV debate with our wee monkey.

Monkey then wrote an email to the Edinburgh Council demanding that a water slide is built at the Royal Commonwealth Pool.

The email said:

“Are their any plans to build a huge waterslide at the newly refurbished Royal Commonwealth Pool. It would be fun!”

This waterslide which can be purchased online is only £199.95, so why did a £37 million refurbishment of the pool not been able to purchase one? Where did the £37 million go? It is a scandal.


If you want to send an email to Edinburgh Council demanding a waterslide to be built at the Royal Commonwealth Pool please use this link:


If you wish to volunteer your time and join the Monkey Party campaigning team, please email us at our usual email address.

Put an end to this madness and vote Monkey on May 3rd.

A vote for Monkey is a vote for common sense.

The Monkey Party secretary


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