He knows no fear!

The MONKEY PARTY campaign for the Local Elections – part 5

Today our wee monkey, the Monkey Party candidate in the UK Local Elections was busy campaigning for a waterslide at the Royal Edinburgh Commonwealth Pool. One of the key policys of the Monkey Party manifesto.

Our wee monkey was busy today with his election campaign.

Our wee monkey wrote a email to the the City of Edinburgh Council demanding a waterslide to be be built.

The email is as follows:


Regarding the £37 million refurbishment of the Edinburgh Royal Commonwealth Pool, I cannot understand why no waterslide was built? Surely with £37 million, some funds could had been set aside for a waterslide? Where did this money go? It is a scandal!

A google search found this waterslide at a mere cheap £200. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Giant-Inflatable-Water-Slide-Blower/dp/B003UMEBQE/ref=sr_1_12?s=kids&ie=UTF8&qid=1335293310&sr=1-12

Could it be installed into the Commonwealth Pool?

I have spoken to many residents of Edinburgh and they say that the Commonwealth Pool is boring as it has no wave machine or waterslide! There is nothing to do other than swim around in a rectangular pool!

That is why I prefer Waterworld in Ayia Napa, Cyprus – it is fun!

Love and kisses,


Official candidate for the Monkey Party”

We hope that the council respond to popular public demand.

It is also noted that despite invitations for a leader’s debate sent out to all of the mainstream political parties earlier in the week, none had responded to take up the challenge of a one to one live TV debate with our wee monkey. Are they scared of facing up to the voice of reason that is our wee monkey? Scared of being made a fool of by the cuddly toy monkey?

The Monkey Party Secretary


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