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The MONKEY PARTY campaign for the Local Elections – Results

Today, we at the Monkey Party made massive gains.

In the Edinburgh ward where our party leader stood as a candidate, we achieved 30 votes! This is a increase of 25 votes on our Scottish Elections campaign last year and 28 votes more than what the Monkey Party achieved in the 2010 General Elections.

This result is a 600% increase on last year results and once again proving that we are the fastest growing polictical party in the UK.

For a political party that is only three years old, we are growing more and getting bigger. We expect this growth to continue for the 2015 General Elections where we expect our wee monkey to become Prime Minister.

There was celebrations today in the Monkey Party HQs.

Monkey was partying this morning after hearing the news of our 600% increase in our share of votes.

So we didn’t win any seats on Edinburgh Council – sucks! But we gave the ruling three in one party LABLIBCON a bloody good kicking didn’t we? huh?

The Monkey Party secretary


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