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My trip to Iceland 2012 – part 3

Today I was going to see Southern Iceland on the South tour trip. Unfortunately the weather was bad but you all know me – nothing stops me getting out and doing things.

My first stop of the day was to see an icy glacier. I headed over to Sólheimajökull glacier on the Southern coast of Iceland.

The glacier shadows active volcanos in the far distance.

The glacier views was stunning.

The Sólheimajökull glacier with the black lava sand in the foreground.

The ground all around me was blackened due to the nearby volcanoes.

I forgot my scarf and wooly hat!

It was cold here, so I did not stay long.

I headed to the beach to see the Puffins that are located here, but the weather was soooooo cold that even the Puffins migrated to Fiji for the summer. I saw none.

The beaches were made up of black lava sand.

The beach was very blackened too.

It was chilly on this beach, not sexy bikini outfit weather at all!

Somehow, I didn’t feel like stripping off and doing a wee bit of sunbathing on this beach.

The sand was black all around my wee feet.

The rock formations of the coastline was weird.

Impressive rock formations on the coastline.

It eventually stopped raining and I headed to the Skógar museum to learn about Icelandic culture and heritage.

The museum had a number of traditional Icelandic houses on show.

Old traditional Icelandic houses had grass growing on it roof tops! Not sure how one is suppose to get an electric lawnmower up onto the roof top without causing injury.

It was so windy that my arms got into a twist!

Althrough the rain has stopped, it was very windy. At times I thought I was going to be blown away but luckly for me, my stitches held fine.

I went to see Skógafoss waterfall which is on the old southern coastline but now the coastline had receded about 5 kms seawards due to volcanic activity.

The waterfall is the old sea cliffs of the South coast.

The waterfall is 60 metres high and I went to the top of it for a view from the top.

A rainbow is seen in the waterfall.

It is said that on a clear day, two rainbows can be seen at this waterfall.

This waterfall was 60 metres in height.

I headed along the Route 1 highway following the coastline until I came across the Eyjafjallajökull volcano which is pronounced er… um… err-jaff-go-skull volcano. Something like that!

This volcano erupted in 2010 causing massive ash clouds all over Europe thus disrupting air travel to and from Europe. I almost had to cancel my 2010 Mount Everest trip because of this eruption as I was flying to Nepal via Bangkok from London . But as you all know, I made it to Nepal and set the record to become the first cuddly toy to conquer Mount Everest. Read about it here: https://britisharmysgtmonkey.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/my-trip-to-mount-everest-nepal-in-2010-part-1/

A photo of Eyjafjallajökull volcano taken from Route 1 highway.

After seeing the volcano that is now silent, I went to see another 60 metre high waterfall.

Seljalandsfoss waterfall is a nice one to visit as it is possible to walk behind it.

It is possible to walk behind this waterfall.

I headed back to Reykjavík to warm up my wet damp cotton fur and a hot tub sauna with naked Icelandic chicks was going to warm me up quickly.

To be continued….

For more information about Iceland please visit:



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