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My trip to Iceland 2012 – part 4

After my freezing walk to the icy glaciers, I needed a rest. I had also been horse riding and scuba diving. So today being the last day of my trip, I was going to soak my wee cotton furry feet in the Blue Lagoon Spa.

Me at the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa.

The spa is located approximately 13 km (8 miles) from the Keflavík International Airport and 39 km (24 miles) from Reykjavík.

This geothermal spa is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland.

The spa had several bars and cafes for dining.

The lagoon is fed by the water output of the nearby geothermal power plant.

The lagoon is fed by the water output of the nearby geothermal power plant Svartsengi and is renewed every 2 days.

I was chilling out in the spa and getting back massages by lovely Icelandic chicks.

Full massage services were available and I could not resist getting my feet tickled by the chicks.

Afterwards, I went outside to have a walk around the lava field.

The Blue Laggon Spa was in the middle of a lava field.

Iceland is a very young island and evidence of this is seen throughout the land. There is also no trees around!

The land in Iceland is new and evidence of this is seen with the lava fields.

The geothermal plant is situated in the lava field.

This power plant produces 76.5 MW of energy.

The water produced by the power plant is full of minerals turning it milky colour.

The water from the geothermal plant was full of silica and sulphur.

After spending the day at the Blue Lagoon Spa, I wanted to hit the town and pull some Icelandic monkeys chicks er…. um…. there are no monkeys in Iceland! So I got plastered instead.

Beer was prohibited in Iceland until 1989.

After enjoying my last night out, I was up early in the morning my for return flight back to Scotland.

On my way to the airport. I was the only cuddly toy travelling on the bus.

Well for me it was my return back to Scotland.

A quick spin in the washing machine on a 30 °C wash and I was ready for work on the Monday morning. I was eager to carry on training my new recruits for combat on the front line.

For more information on the Blue Lagoon spa please visit:



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